What is EPIC Opera?

EPIC – ep·ic/ˈepik/ adjective – DEFINITION 1. More heroic or grand in scale or character. 2. particularly impressive or remarkable.”the gig last night was epic” ORIGIN: late 16th century via Latin  epos meaning  ‘word, song’. SYNONYMS: ambitious, heroic, grand, arduous, extraordinary, Herculean;

ELEEMOSYNARY – el·ee·mos·y·nar·y/ˌeləˈmäsnərē/ adjective –DEFINITION charitable. ORIGIN from Greek eleēmosunē ‘compassion’ 

E.P.I.C. = Eleemosynary Performers In Concert

E.P.I.C. Opera is a community of musicians and theatrical artists volunteering to bring the highest quality of performance arts to Oregon’s Willamette Valley while raising funding for local charitable causes.

E.P.I.C. Opera is about collaboration between instrumentalists, vocalists, actors, dancers, and theater artists.

E.P.I.C. Opera is about building a community of positivity

E.P.I.C. Opera is about creating and sharing beauty

E.P.I.C. Opera is about personal growth through solving artistic challenges

E.P.I.C. Opera is about empowering and inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone to do, hear, and see more than they thought possible.

E.P.I.C. Opera is ambitious, heroic, grand, arduous, extraordinary, Herculean

E.P.I.C. Opera is about YOU.